Ru combines the rigorous formal structure of his training with his own original ideas, displaying his unique and personal style.


Ru Knox

Ru's works are expeditions into our common and universal subconscious, moments and experiences which we share, but cannot be shared. Our dreams are the only things that belong solely to ourselves. These otherwise innocuous abstracts give way to a complex and fraught inner emotional life.

Through experimenting hypnagogic and hypnopompic states, Ru captures the fraught and fickle nature of the human dream in a way that is positively Freudian, shapes melt into one another, the mind drifts in and out of consciousness, what was once obscured, distant and cloudy suddenly becomes vivid and crystal clear. In our dreams we smell smells we have never smelt before, hear songs we’ve never heard before. Everything makes sense if only for an instant: More real than reality itself.

Ru has a rare and potent emotional expression which has culminated from years of imaginative experimentation with various techniques and textures, but his legacy observational precision and handling still capture the psychology and immortalise the souls of his portraits – with which Ru is fascinated.